Extra Ancestral

The Extra Ancestral Workshops offer all dancers, and musicians an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Orisa/Orixa/Oricha culture in the African Diaspora. Delve into the dance, music and mythology of the deified ancestors. These workshop intensives offer an interactive and comprehensive exploration into the songs, movements, rhythms and stories of various orisas/orixas/orichas. Dancers will practice traditional dances to live drumming and song. Extra Ancestral is very excited to host these events dedicated to enriching our collective knowledge of Ancestry from the African Diaspora. A community armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force. Dedication Discipline Commitment Character.

In response to the COVID pandemic we retained and solidified certain of our class offerings with the debut of EA ONLINE. EA ONLINE has allowed us to not only teach to community members who are distant geographically, but to also offer classes from an array of guest instructors from the U.S. and abroad. EA ONLINE is currently on hiatus, and we hope to revive the platform in late summer/fall of 2022.

Asé O!