Bloco Obini

Extra Ancestral

Bloco Obini, all Queens drum ensemble. Bloco (block or group) Obini (Yoruba word meaning Women) Bloco Obini represents the empowerment of not only women, but an entire generation. By using the drum as a spiritual weapon, to heal, educate, uplift, and serve the community, and abroad. In a fractured world, we need culture to survive, and thrive. Bloco Obini understands the power of the spirit of the drum "Ayan Agalu”, and its healing affects on communities and people,  especially kids dealing with trauma in under privileged and under served schools.

Bloco Obini sets to serve the people by providing the drum medicine, and raising awareness, to the many issues plaguing our societies. Children are the beginnings of all things, therefore have infinite possibilities, choices, and hope. We are a drum ensemble made up of, educators, nurses, dance instructors, political activist, students, mothers, and healers. All whom dedicate their lives to defend culture. Using art to speak on the times. Bloco Obini performs, Afro Brazilian bloco style drumming, with uplifting songs affirming that we are all royalty, and come from Kings, and Queens. Bloco Obini is a family. We are civilization’s anchor. We are the compass for humanity’s conscience.