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Extra Ancestral's percussion classes are taught primarily by master drummer, Kahlil Cummings. Percussion offerings range from West African, with a solid repertoire of rhythms and technical instruction, to rhythms, songs and techniques from Candomblé, and other Afro diasporic traditions. Having been initiated into Djembe by the legendary Mamady Keita of Guinea, Kahlil provides a deeply informed multifaceted approach to the rhythms and traditions of West Africa. In addition to the traditional djembe/dunun ensemble, Extra Ancestral offers classes in Batá drumming (from Cuba), Samba Reggae (from the blocos and civil rights movements in Bahia, Brasil) and Ketu drumming from the Candomblé/Orisha tradition. All of these lineages transmit profoundly important cultural and spiritual information which nourishes and sustains the African Diaspora.

Extra Ancestral offers a monthly selection of online classes via EA Online. Our teachers also offer a range of classes at live venues locally and nationally. CLICK HERE to join EA Online.

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